Job of the month - October 2017

Kay Heid & Colin Church - KCJ Restorations

Hardwood timber floor was laid on a concrete slab with a solid kitchen built on top of the timber floor. The problem was caused by a flexible pipe under the sink.

The 19mm spotted gum timber on the concrete floor was wet in the kitchen, entrance and dining area. The hardwood frame was wet up to a percentage of 38% WME.

Under the kitchen cupboards were wet as well as the carpet, underlay and slab in the living area. The customer was living in the property so a containment couldn’t be used to make the area smaller so the Drymatic Boost Boxes with the Drymatic mats targeted the heat onto the timber floor and wall frames.

A Drymatic Boost Bar with a 12 port injection kit was also used to inject the heat under the kitchen cupboards.The building was opened a few times a day as the exhaust to dry the building.

 Another successful drying job from the use of the Drymatic Equipment.


Great job, Kay and Colin! Congratulations from the Restore Solution Team!