DBK Drymatic - Product Training

DBK understands the importance of product training and strives to ensure that every user of the DBK Drymatic System has a technical knowledge of how the system works.

Custom Built Flood Room…

Our custom built Flood Room is designed to use many different building materials and methods in a small space. This allows DBK to fully test the performance of the DBK Drymatic System and continuously improve wherever possible.The Flood Room is an excellent training tool and allows DBK to train first-time users of the equipment to ensure that they are prepared for use in the field.

Nothing beats hands-on experience!

Training Days…

As part of a purchase of DBK Drymatic equipment, the user will be offered a free of charge, half-day training course covering both the theory of heat-drying and the practical set up of the equipment.

DBK can also offer on-site support for new users of the equipment. This ensures that every user of a DBK Drymatic System gets the most out of their new purchase.

For further information, please contact DBK.