DBK Drymatic Systems Working Hard in Cumbria

Due to the unfortunate events that have recently taken place in Cumbria, DBK have been called upon to supply additional equipment to support the clean-up effort.
Insurers, Restoration Contractors and Equipment Manufacturers are working tirelessly to support the demands of the homeowners and every effort will be made to return these unfortunate families to their homes as soon as possible.

Special thanks to Edge Equipment Hire for their ongoing support; their logistical expertise is enabling a quick and effective response to the floods across the country.

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Drying with heat

Heat energy is used throughout many aspects of our daily lives, whether you are boiling a kettle, drying your clothes or using a hair dryer. Let’s take the example of a Domestic Clothes Dryer and expand on it a little further. You place a wet material, your clothes, into the drum of the machine and turn it on.

Magically you come back an hour later and the clothes are warm, dry and the water is nowhere to be seen. Now you are wondering how you removed several litres of water from a saturated material in an hour…

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Drymatic works with Australian restoration market to improve standards.

In 2010 Gary Carroll, owner of All Aces Services, visited the RIA Show in Atlanta, Georgia, to seek out new technology for use in his restoration business. Carroll stumbled upon the Drymatic heat drying equipment and in five years he has helped grow the Drymatic brand in Australia in attempt to improve standards in the restoration industry.

The DBK Drymatic System autonomously combines electric heat and air exchange to remove bound moisture from water damaged materials within a property. The patented system uses drying algorithms to monitor
the drying environment and take actions based on either user-defined room limits or preset conditions built within the systems firmware.

Due to limited power availability in Australia, 10A being the maximum available from a mains outlet, the system needed to be reconfigured for the Australian restoration market. “DBK’s passion for the product and also its keen desire to grow sales of this product led it to develop an Australian version of the system with reduced power making it suitable for the 10A supply,” said DBK Technitherm Ltd’s sales manager Alan James. “The reconfigured unit was shipped to Garry Carroll of All Aces Services where it was trialled over a period of twelve months.”

The success of the trial led to the development of a strong working relationship between DBK and Carroll; his passion for drying and DBK’s drive for innovation led to new products being developed such as the Drymatic Boost Box. The Drymatic Boost Box offers damage management technicians a solution that enables them to introduce supplementary heat in a controlled way.

In 2014, Garry Carroll and DBK set up Drymatic Heat Drying
Australia, a distribution business that is dedicated to the DBK product
and offers full product training and support. And in February 2015,
Drymatic Heat Drying Australia organised two heat drying courses in Melbourne and Brisbane that were taught by Carroll and supported by James. The courses were run to help educate the industry on the capabilities of heat drying technology and also to help develop the DBK Drymatic brand in Australia.
“DBK continually looks to improve the service it offers and the products it delivers so following the courses we personally called all 95 attendees to seek out feedback on the course and the products demonstrated throughout the event,” revealed James. “The calls were made to find the weaknesses in the product range and utilised to build a development roadmap for 2015.”

As a result, Drymatic II is DBK’s effort to capture all of the concerns and criticisms raised by contractors throughout the life of the original DBK Drymatic System. “Drymatic II is now less than half the size and weight of its predecessor whilst having more than double the airflow.” explained James.
“Drymatic II is a testament to what can be achieved when an industry has a customer base that is keen to improve standards,” stated James. “And it makes all the difference having a supplier who is eager to listen to the markets’ needs and develop innovative solutions to its problems.”


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