DBK Drymatic Wall and Floor System. Wall Systems

4x1m Wall Mat

The 4x1m Wall System is designed to target dry a large area of water damaged material following a loss.

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Wall Systems

4x0.5m Wall Mat

The 4x0.5m Wall System is designed to target dry the base of the walls following low-level escapes of water within a property. Evenly dry the base of your walls down to the sill plate.

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Floor Mats

These are designed to dry localized areas of water damaged flooring. These specialized mats are typically used to target the difficult to dry areas of a property i.e. dense materials such as concrete slabs, hardwood floors, and tile.

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Combination Mats

These narrow specialty mats were made to address very localized losses, or tight spaces - functioning equally well on walls, or floors.

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The Octopus System

The DBK Octopus System was designed to target the heat of the micro jets toward these hard to reach spaces. The main body is connected to the outlet of the Drymatic Boost, and the flow from the air mover is heated and distributed via perforated tentacles. Any number of these legs can be easily attached at any point along the solid body with the same Velcro edges.


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