DBK Drymatic HygroNet - Multi Sensor Remote Data Logger

The combination of HygroNet remote monitoring and the DBK Drymatic heat drying system provides a formidable combination allowing you to dry properties in the optimum amount of time. This will allow you to do more jobs and keeps policyholder disruption to an absolute minimum.

DBK Drymatic measurements can be monitored online and in real time via any smartphone, tablet or PC. This will put you in full control of all ongoing drying jobs, no matter where in the world they are.

Dry Smarter
  • Increase profitability by reducing total visits to site
  • Reduce cycle time and do more jobs
  • Manage sites and manpower more effectively
  • Provide audit trails of drying process
  • Automate target driven drying procedures with daily report
  • Generate targeted alarms
  • Minimise secondary damage costs by closely supervising drying process
  • Broadcast data easily to virtually unlimited users

Key Points
  • View all industry standard measurements such as ERH, in wall temperature, ambient temperature/humidity, WME (wood moisture content) and specific humidity
  • Broadcast drying information to multiple users over the internet
  • Very low cost and quick return on investment (typically within 6 weeks)
  • Up to 256 wireless sensors
  • No special software needed, just us a standard web browser/smart phone
  • Small size
  • Ideal for properties where multiple points need to be measured
  • Take consistent readings throughout the duration of the drying process