DBK Drymatic System

The DBK Drymatic system is a unique drying system that utilises the controlled application of heat and air exchange within a drying environment. Combining target drying with efficient air management allows the Drymatic System to quickly and efficiently restore water damaged properties to their pre-loss condition.

Drymatic II

DBK Drymatic

The award winning DBK Drymatic System was developed to offer the Damage Management industry a cost-effective tool that would cater for a broad range of drying requirements.

The DBK Drymatic’s unique operation is based upon its continual evaluation of the humidity and temperature of the room to be dried and then operating in the mode that provides maximum drying effect.

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Drymatic Boost

DBK Drymatic Boost

Developed to support the DBK Drymatic System in colder climates the Boost Box adds an additional 2kW of thermal energy to the environment being dried. The DBK Drymatic Boost can be coupled to an Air Mover, the Drymatic Wall and Floor System or used in conjunction with the Drymatic to offer a range of drying capabilities.

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Boost Bar & Accessories

The Drymatic Boost Bar is one of the most advanced auxilliary heat systems on the market

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Wall & Floor Mats

DBK Wall & Floor System

The Wall & Floor System is designed to efficiently control the heated airflow created by the DBK Drymatic Boost Box. The patented system uses micro-jets of warm, dry air to break the boundary layer of moisture at the surface of a water damaged material.

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Drymatic Catalogue 2018

Please find here our current product overview.

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